In this section the big majority of the web sites talk about how good they are, and of how much they know and so on…
Giving reasons on why should you travel with us based on the proper image concept is a little uncomfortable for us, so we prefer to base our explanation in real facts which will be more tangible for you… our future passenger!.

If you are willing to discover our image from our customers’ eyes we invite you to visit the testimonials section

We do not develop massive tours. You’ll get to know either the traditional places and the not promoted ones (sometimes more beautiful and attractive than the traditional places, but not available to common tourists because of the logistics involved in that kind of trip)
You’ll have the chance to know the places in detail. More time to enjoy nature and your stay.
Absolute dedication. Being a not massive tour your guide will have the chance to attend your particular needs
Time: We manage the excursion based on your time. Want to take pictures? Do it!, Want to hike a little bit? No problems... no hurries.
The best guide-passenger ratio. Our ratio does not exceed the four people per guide!!!. This ratio is considered “the top” in tourism industry standards. This allows us to get to know you and your interests.
We can, and with a lot of pleasure will, tailor make your vacation

Excellent quality / price / benefits ratio. We know... we know… everybody tells the same… so as an example lets make the following calculation: Pick up any of the trips. Now multiply the itinerary days by 200 usd (daily rental price for the vehicle we use) now add to that an average daily lodging cost for those nights… STOP! Did you already surpassed the cost of the trip??? Surprised??? Well now take into account domestic air tickets, guides, equipment, excursions, experience, knowledge, taxes, insurance, fuel, tolls, admittance fees, and so on… consider all that as added value.

Activities are programmed so that they can be diverse, attractive, flexible and above all achievable
Our vehicles are new and adequate for the trip you have decided to hire
We select the best lodgings according to the category and availability of the place
Meals that reflect the best and typical of each place and region we visit.
We do all the paper work. We are with you in every step of the trip, providing you information, advises, assisting you so as to make your trip perfect from the very beginning

Well planned itineraries through scenic and safe roads
Itineraries performed under a strict ecological view
Safety equipment that goes beyond the standard law requirements.
Drivers/guides trained in safe driving and medic first aid, primary and secondary care. (MFA / EFR with AEDs).

The person that will travel with you as your guide, has a remarkable experience in assisting passengers, trips and an outstanding performance in the tourism services field. He knows the place in detail and is capable to get you to live unique experiences.

You’ll learn a lot of Argentina in a non formal and relaxing environment. “Learn while having fun” is our goal. Additionally each passenger has a trip manual that will provide you with more information and for sure will be part of your memories.

Our guides have been selected for their service capacity and knowledge. They’ll make your stay comfortable, safe and fun in an atmosphere of close friendship that you’ll remember for ever. They feel passion for what they do and their abilities to transfer their knowledge will surprise you.

Some of the training that our guides have taken:

University graduates. Tourism professionals. Wide range of experience in the field of active tourism. Chefs & wine connoisseurs. Photo instructors. PADI scuba dive instructors. Safe and security drivers. RCP & Medic First Aid trained. Map and satellite navigators (GPS).