The trip starts in "Ushuaia" the southern most city of the world. Here, we'll navigate through the Beagle Channel viewing the sea lions colony, penguins and other diverse marine birds that live in the emerging rocks and islands of the area. We'll also trek on the Bridges Island so as to visit the old aborigine Yamanas' settlements.
Ascending to the Martial mountain will provide us a great view of the "Ushuaia" bay.

  We will not miss the visit to the "Tierra del Fuego" National Park, the only park in Argentina that combines sea and forest. Here we will board the "World's end train" which was the mean of transportation for the people held as prisoners when "Ushuaia" was consider the Argentine Siberia. The visit to lake "Fagnano" will delight our senses and specially our taste while having the typical Patagonian lamb and the exquisite "logers - coofee".
Our trip will continue in the town of "El Calafate", here we'll live the "Perito Moreno" glacier experience, not only we will visit it from the observation platforms of the Nat Park, but also we'll navigate its base and do a trekking over the glacier, thus discovering the wonders of colors that this paradise reserved for us. The "Los Glaciares" National Park will open its doors to us through a navigation in the iceberg channel revealing us the majestic Upsala, Onelli & Spegazzini glaciars, amongst others. This Park was declared World Heritage by the UNESCO in 1981.
Trekking lovers will find their Meca while visiting the location of "El Chalten" where we will ascend up to the first mountain shelter to have a closer view of the "Chalten" (Fitz Roy) mountain and its Chilean mate the very well known "Torre".