The trip starts in "Puerto Madryn". During our stay in this area we will visit the "Valdés Península" enjoying each of its natural tourist attractions, like the whales, orcas, elephant seals, sea lions, penguins and other diverse fauna composed mainly by guanacos (american camelids), lesser rheas, foxes, armadillos and plenty of marine birds.

  We will board a boat so as to do some whale or dolphin watching. Navigating through the gulf we'll stop to do some snorkel* in a sea lion colony so as to play a little bit with these gentle and very curious animals.(*depending on the season - Whales: April to November - Dolphins: December to March - Sea lions snorkel: All year round, but best November - April).
Our road continues discovering the prehistoric traces with a visit to the palontological park of Bryn Gwyn - where fossil excavations are continuously made - and a short but very instructive visit to the Eugidio Ferolglio museum. After enjoying a delicious tea in Gayman, an old Welsh town, we'll continue our trip to the Andes, in our way a stop will take place at the Florentino Ameghino dam, a green oasis in the arid Patagonic steppe.

Entering the Andean section of the province of "Chubut" in the city of "Esquel", we will visit the "Alerces National Park", which is famous for having giant trees reaching 70m (210ft) high and trunks of 4m (12 ft) of diameter, aging almost 2000 years old. There we will navigate the unpolluted waters of the "Menéndez" lake and do a trekking through the dense forest.

The trip continues taking the "Route 40" to "El Bolsón", making a brief stop just to look at the landscape and the artesian marketplace, arriving afterwards to "Bariloche" city, located on the margins of the giant "Nahuel Huapi" lake. There we will make some scenic road tours like the "short circuit", Swiss Colony, Lake Mascardi and the mountain "Tronador" taking a close view of its glacier. At night home made beer and traditional Patagonic "picadas" (appetizers) will be served.
In the Swiss-like town of "Villa La Angostura" we will board a boat so as to enjoy a hike in the "Arrayanes National Park". Unique place in the world where you can find these trees in its natural habitat, and that served as inspiration to Walt Disney so as to create the Bambi film. Following the "Seven Lakes Route" we will stop by enchanting places such as "Lake Traful" and "Hidden Lake" thus arriving to the charming city of "San Martín de Los Andes" where we'll do a floating on the "Hua-Hum" river crossing to the neighbor country of Chile.
Last but not least, we will also visit the "Lanín National Park" famous for its 3800 m (11000ft) extinct volcano. Hiking through it's dense forest paths is an incredible experience that cannot be missed.