Private policy

Personal information that the User freely communicates to ALTOURNATIVES is included in automized files, processed by its norms of confidentiality and data protection.
The User may transmit information about his or her evaluations and preferences. ALTOURNATIVES uses his or her profile only to create content, service and advertisment regarding ALTOURNATIVES with the sole purpose of improving its service offers.
Regardless the previous, and abiding the applicable laws, ALTOURNATIVES cooperates with international, national, provincial and county authorities in the prevention of any ilegal actions. In order to cooperate and abide by applicable laws, ALTOURNATIVES, may be requested to provide certain information.
The User can, in any moment, inform any update of his or her personal information including its deletion, rectification, or annulment.
ALTOURNATIVES may use files that are automatically saved in the hard disk by the user´s browser, to improve and facilitate surfing or for statistical and analytical purposes in general. The files cannot read in any way the information in the User´s hard disk or files -cookies- created by other web sites. If the User does not wish the browser to automatically accept the cookies, this can be modified in the browser’s set up.
ALTOURNATIVES advertisers may use their own cookies that will be activated when using the banner or commercial spot.
ALTOURNATIVES is not liable for the handling of information obtained by third-parties that advertise on its web site, nor for the safe-keeping of the User´s personal information voluntarily given to them.
Information services to the User throughout the Internet have User´s consent. If the User wishes not to receive any more information, he or she can be automatically eliminated from the distribution list after previous demand.
The use of any of ALTOURNATIVES services will be considered as an acceptance by the User of the terms of this Privacy Policy.
The content of ALTOURNATIVES web site has been created and designed for adults’ use.

Some advices for parents and children.
Children: Before sending information to any web site, make sure that you have your parent´s permission.
Parents: ALTOURNATIVES recommends that parents have an active role during children´s use of the Internet by recommending safe and responsible use in the handling of personal information.
ALTOURNATIVES follows the Children´s Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) guidelines.