Our logo

Altournatives has chosen as its logotype a symbol of the Argentina´s northwest pre-columbian culture.
It´s the center part of a pictograph that represents the “bird-man”.

The image can be decomposed into three parts each of them with its own meaning and related in between.
In the foreground we can see the condor´s silhouette, its wings, tail and claws. The condor, master of the skies symbolizes the spiritual nature of things. Five feathers at the end of its wings stand out, without them, the condor couldn’t accomplish its gliding maneuvers.
Integrated to the condor´s figure we can distinguish the human silhouette with long arms ending in the hand´s five fingers. The human figure symbolizes the mental aspect, represented by the ability to create with the hands.
Finally in the inner part of the figure we find a small animal resembling a dog. It represents the living or “about to be born” nature (observe it´s embryonic feature) and alludes the physical aspect of the picture. The fact of finding this figure inside the human silhouette and surrounded by hands refers to the protection and care needed from mankind.
ALTOURNATIVES adopts this logo as its own and the bird-man´s inner message, in a search to revive through this picture, the commitment of respect to Mother Earth (Pachamama) that our ancestors had and our future asks for.