Tourism in Buenos Aires: Buenos Aires city tours

Altournatives offers you a different way of making tourism in the city of Buenos Aires. Private and exclusive city tours in comfortable vehicles, specially equipped for your comfort. Our tour guides will take you to visit every corner of Buenos Aires so as you can get to know its hidden secrets.
Our Buenos Aires city tours are personalized so that you can manage your time as you like. With our tours you will discover all the beauties of the city but also get to know the way of life of the “Porteños” (Buenos Aires citizens).

Our tours in Buenos Aires are private, your group does not share the vehicle with other people. They are ideal to visit Buenos Aires in a relaxed way, while enjoying the ride with your friends or relatives.

NEW 2012

Helicopter tour over Buenos Aires
The perfect way to overview the city of Buenos Aires

30 minutes helicopter flight over Buenos Aires:
During the choter flght you´ll cover San Isidro residential neighborhood following the Train of the Coast – Olivos (Port , presidential residence) - Vicente López - North Coast of BA city ( North parks and Buenos Aires boating yacth club) - Núñez (River Plate stadium, Universities) - Palermo (Golf, Rose Garden, Zoo, Planetarium, Japanese Gardens) - Recoleta (Cemetery, Square, Law university, Flower monument) - Retiro (San Martín sq., English towers) - Puerto Madero (South Coast) - Downtown (Pink house, Mayo Sq., 9 of July Av.) and La Boca (Caminito, Riachuelo, Boca Juniors stadium).

42 minutes chopter flight over Buenos Aires + Tigre + Delta:
To the same 30 minutes ride a flight over the Tigre (Parque de la Costa, Puerto de frutos, Tigre Hotel) and the Delta Is. is added to this tour.

* Prices per person based on 2 passengers flying. For individual rates or family groups ask a quotation.

Buenos Aires by land, water and air!!!
The helicopter rides over Buenos Aires can be combined in the following way:
Private transfer Buenos Aires / Chopter Airport / Buenos Aires + Land tour by Buenos Aires parks, San Isidro and Tigre + 1.15hrs Delta Is. navigation in our special designed boat. 6 hours tour

NEW 2012

Earth, Water, Air & Fire
Buenos Aires 4 elements tour

A tour to be remembered for your lifetime.
Earth: The tour starts when we pick you up at your lodging and head to the River Plate crossing the Palermo Parks, there we'll follow all the coastline through the residential neighborhoods of north BA. Arriving to San Isidro we´ll make a stop at the cathedral and pass by the famous "Jockey Club" horse racing field.
Water: Once we arrive to Tigre (12 miles from BA), we'll board a boat to navigate the Delta of the Paraná islands. This one hour tour will guide us through the first section of these charming green islands.
Earth & Fire: After arriving to the port we´ll complete the Tigre tour driving on the Victorica boulevard (Tigre art museum). Leaving Tigre behind, we continue for 65 miles to a typical " gaucho estancia" (cowboy ranch) where at the side of the fire we'll have the chance to taste the Argentiean "asado" (BBQ) while enjoying a folkllore show and gauchos' horse riding demonstration. At tea time "mate" and pastries for everyone.
Fire & Air: Back on the road, we leave for our next adventure. After driving 20 minutes we arrive to a hot air balloon field where you'll board for a balloon flight over the Pampas.
Earth: After flying for 45 minutes, only the wind knows where the balloon will land, so we may get involved in a 4x4 excursion while trying to get on the road again. Time for champagne and return home.

: See price list bellow

Buenos Aires Beer Tour
A walk through BA neighborhoods tasting splendid local beers

A very uncommon tour in Buenos Aires. Guided by a beer expert we'll go along Palermo, Recoleta, San Telmo and Plaza de Mayo streets to taste the best home brewed beers of Argentina. Tour lasts 4 hours and includes 4.5 pints of carefully brewed beers in 3/4 bars depending the scheduled day of the tour. The tour starts in the afternoon and is necessary to make reservations in advanced.

: See price list bellow

Buenos Aires in a day tour
Full day private tour in Buenos Aires

This full day excursion will lead you through the most important spots of the Buenos Aires city. You'll see the hole city learning about its hystory, geography, architecture, flora, fauna and more.
This is the ideal tour for: People visiting BA for a short time and wanting to see as much as possible or for people that are going tostay in BA for a long period of time and want to get oriented, know how to move and which neighbourhoods to visit since the first time.

You'll visit:

Recoleta, cementery, Francia Sq., San Martín Sq., Florida St., Retiro, Casa Rosada (Pink house), Plaza de Mayo, Cathedral, Cabildo, Obelysc, Congress, San Telmo, La Boca, Caminito, Puerto Madero, Palermo Soho, Hollywood, Parks, North & South riverside and more...

Price: See price list bellow

Mysterious Buenos Aires
Discover the hidden Buenos Aires Code

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This full day tour will lead you to the most important places of Buenos Aires city, to discover them under the view of the unknown and hidden. You´ll discover urban legends, hystorical complots and much more! The tour is based on the Dan Brown bestseller "Da Vinci Code"

You´ll visit:

Recoleta, cemetery, Francia Sq., San Martín Sq., Retiro Sq, Casa Rosada (Pink house), Plaza de Mayo, Cathedral, Cabildo, Obelysc, Congress, San Telmo, La Boca, Caminito, and much more...

Price: See price list bellow

San Isidro - Delta Buenos Aires outdoor activities Buenos Aires outdoor tours San Isidro tours Delta island tourism Delta navigation
An excellent way to complete our tours is to go around the north zone of the province of BA, and visit its famous residential neighbourhoods and the Delta of the Paraná river.
This tour begins in BA River Plate coastline until we reach San Isidro where we'll visit the Cathedral, its famous horse racing field and the traditional Jockey Club.
After we'll head towards Tigre to see the Tigre Art museum and later board a boat that will guide us through some islands of the Delta.

Price: See price list bellow

Buenos Aires by Night Night tourism in Buenos Aires Puerto Madero at night. Night city tours in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires night city tours Private night tours in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires by night
The trip starts at 20hrs if willing to have dinner and ends when you are ready to go to bed!! You'll visit Recoleta, Las Cañitas, Palermo, Corrientes street, Puerto Madero and much more!!!.

Price: See price list bellow

Tango night Tango show in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires tango shows Tango lessons in Buenos Aires Tango dinner and show in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires tango tours

The ideal option to live a night beating at the Tango compass. The tour starts at 20hrs when we pick you up at your hotel and head to a world class Tango show. During your trip you 'll be able to see the BA that never sleeps

Altournatives selected a place that reflects the charming spirit of the Buenos Aires Tango; a place full of history where Tango singers and composers gathered to create the lyrics. The show tells about the evolution of Tango from the very beginnings in which the Tango was just a men dance, the influence of the "under city" of the lates 1920 up to the actual modern Tango dance. A show not to be missed.

The Tango program includes:
- Trasfers IN OUT lodging - Tango show with private guide.
- Dinner: (Entrance - Main - Dessert)
- Beverages (a 750 cm3 wine every 2 people and non alcoholic beverages)
- Tango Show (with 2 beverages - alc./soft )


See price list bellow

(Price list is under change - please consult us)

1 pax
2 paxs
3 paxs
4 paxs
tour BA1
BA in a day
8 hrs
tour BA2
BA mysterious tour
8 hrs
tour BA3
Delta + S. Isidro
8 hrs
tour BA4
BA by night
6 hrs
tour BA5
Dinner tango show
4 hrs
Earth Water Air Fire
10 hrs
Beer tour in BA
4/5 hrs



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